30 September, 2009

My soul

Dear mama and papa..
no words i can say
you've been with me
all along the way
when i was in troubles
you've been there for me
when i was sick
both of you've been there for me
when i was dropped
you've came to me and stayed with me
you gave a world of strength
oh my dearest ma and pa..
can i ever say just how much it meant?
yours sweet and selfless spirit
that deals with those come-what-mays
i tell you now..quite honestly..
you've brightened all my days
papa worked so hard to earn the funds
to keep us living well..
and mama the words that says it all
so much that i could tell
like how she gift so much to us
my thanks for her im praying
she did at all and never stop
my dearest ma and pa..
every seconds i learned how to be a good person
as good as both of you..
yours guiding always with me
you put me strong on top of this world
sweet family means everythings
in the world to me..
i've learned from your example and folks..
im praying to Allah..
loves my parents just how their loved me
when i was kid..
thanks to my ma and pa..
i moved ahead just because of yours strength
to a future with hope..
i love both of you..
until the end of my life..
thanks again from the beginning till the end for..
my beloved ma and pa..
Ustaz Nu'man and Inah..
p/s:this picture was taken at markaz dpmm mansoura,egypt during our vacation..