24 December, 2009


Congratulation my little cousin. She got straight A's for PMR 2009. I guess she worked so much hard for that. We here in Sabah were so glad to got the great news from Sarawak.

Its not really unexpected news because we know you are such a brilliant girl. KEEP IT UP. Hugs and kisses from us for you guys there espeacially for the young lady, the winner, the one who got FLYING COLOURS result, Nur Azierah Adenan.

p/s: hope that she can and will read this.

Lots of love,


Liyana said...

congrate to your kazen, ramai yang bergembira hari ini

wani gaga gugu gege said...

hai kak potok ni irah... thank you so much for the post.. <3

deena farhana said...

to liyana,

thanks liyana..ye, ramai yg gembira dgn result mereka..alhamdulillah..

deena farhana said...

to wani gaga gugu gege,

hi sweet! no need to say thanks... so proud of you dear..take care..

Anonymous said...

tahniah buat Nur Azierah... yg paling gembira tentulah ibubapa dan org terdekat

deena farhana said...

to fa10,

timekasih byk2...very appreciate it..